Welcome to the Wytchery

What is the Wytchery?

The Wytchery is a programme of practical, monthly workshops aimed at solitary witches, curious about what it might be like to practice with a group and to learn things that the internet can’t teach.

It is based in London, UK and the first four workshops will take place at Treadwell’s Books in London (UK), starting in June 2022 – visit our ‘Dates’ page for live updated event dates.    Dates and venue for future workshops will be confirmed, however a series of 12 has been mapped out, to take us through a year.

While the programme is designed to build as it goes, people can start at any point or drop in and out.  Witches will gain hands-on experience with raising power, working magic, trance, creating spells, talismans and magical tools and importantly, using these in group work.

It is inclusive and open to anyone who identifies as a witch, whatever their level of skill or experience – and ideally those with little, if any, experience with a group or a coven.

There is no plan to turn The Wytchery into a working group, however we would be delighted if people found like-minded witches to practice with as a result.

What to expect

Expect to get involved – whether that’s moving, making or meditating.  Expect to meet people, expect to learn, expect to contribute.

Workshops will run for two hours and you will walk away from them with new skills – and in many cases, with something for your own wytchy space.   There will be time for questions and discussion.   There may be some online Zoom calls between sessions to keep the thinking going, reflect on what worked etc., but this is to be decided.

Events can be booked though our Meetup Group.